Chase and Associates - Forensic Investigative Services

Client Comments

The clients of Chase & Associates include many law firms and public companies throughout the United States and several foreign countries. Comments by our clients about the quality of our work have always been very favorable.

James G. Sawtelle, Partner

Faegre & Benson, LLP
Boulder, Colorado

former Assistant Attorney General for the state of Colorado

"I have worked closely with the staff of Chase & Associates for many years. Their capabilities, responsiveness and professionalism consistently exceed all expectations. Their invaluable litigation support allows us to achieve speedy, cost-effective and overwhelmingly positive results for our clients across a broad spectrum of industries."

Lawrence Scalise, Esq.

Coppola, McConville, Coppola, Hockenberg & Scalise, P.C.
West Des Moines, Iowa

(former Attorney General of Iowa)

"There's only one company in this country that I would ever trust to get me the information I need and that's Chase & Associates. Their staff has supported a considerable number of cases I've litigated during the past eight years. The unique resources, courtroom experience and worldwide contacts of this company have made a difference in many cases. Their litigation support is unmatched."

John M. Fitzgibbons, Esq

Criminal Defense Attorney
Tampa, Florida

(former Assistant U.S. Attorney & Deputy Chief - Criminal Division, Tampa)
(813) 221-8800

"I've known Bob Mazur for over 20 years and have worked with him from both sides of the courtroom, first as a federal prosecutor and later as a defense attorney. He and his staff at Chase & Associates have supported many of our cases. Their outstanding interviewing and analytical talents are extraordinary and a tremendous asset for any litigator."

Edward Page, Partner

Carlton Fields, P.A.
Tampa, Florida

(Former state & federal prosecutor and Deputy Independent Counsel for Kenneth W. Starr)

Every good lawyer knows that creating and defending risk is the name of the game in civil or criminal litigation. But you have to know the facts of your case - both bad and good - to do that effectively. All former federal agents, Chase & Associates' investigators are exceptionally methodical getting the facts and getting them right. Chase's team is comprised of the best investigators I've ever worked with. Whether it's defending or prosecuting a complex civil case or defending someone accused of a crime, time and time again, Chase's fact-finding abilities have allowed me to achieve great results for clients.

Rene A. Sotorrio

Criminal Defense Attorney
Miami, Florida

The services provided by Valerie Diaz and Chase in a recent federal case proved instrumental in procuring a sentence of administrative probation for our client. The Defendant had twice been convicted of aggravated drug felonies and was charged with illegal re-entry into the U.S. after removal. The early intervention of Ms. Diaz, prior to the preparation of the Pre Sentence Investigation Report by U.S. Probation proved to be the difference between a lengthy prison sentence and victory in this case. I cannot emphasize enough the significance of hiring Ms. Diaz and Chase at the outset of a prosecution.

Heather Holmes, Psy.D.

Florida Licensed Psychologist
Miami, FL

I was immediately impressed with both the professionalism and intelligence of Ms. Diaz. She was easily accessible, conscientious and detail-oriented. Further, her writing skills and the way that she conveyed information was indicative of her tremendous experience and her knowledge of psychological issues. I would highly recommend her to any attorney considering mitigation in a federal case.

Note: Defense Counsel brought Dr. Holmes into a case where Ms. Diaz had been retained, in order to evaluate the client and substantiate the basis for variances in the case.

Paul Platte, Esq.

Rogers Townsend & Thomas PC
Columbia, South Carolina

(Member Florida Bar, United States Virgin Islands Bar, South Carolina Bar)

I am a litigation attorney with 28 years experience in the Southeast United States and the United States Virgin Islands. Recently I used Chase and Associates to investigate and help me strategize and coordinate 5 related, complicated federal court lawsuits in 3 states of the utmost sensitive nature. Chase and Associates' work was prompt, accurate, entirely useful, professional, and superlative. When appropriate the firm worked under direction, and when appropriate they worked on their own initiative. We won all the cases. Chase and Associates has my unequivocal thanks and endorsement.

Clay Greene, President

Picture Window Software
Blairstown, New Jersey

Our company retained Chase & Associates to investigate an internal security problem involving the misuse of intellectual property and a violation of a non-compete clause. Chase assessed the facts, devised an investigative plan and executed it flawlessly. They were able to quickly and efficiently collect critical evidence relative to both the improper use of our intellectual property and the non-compete violation. Their identification of key witnesses and thorough forensic collection of key evidence left the defendant with no wiggle room and was the primary reason that we prevailed in our litigation. The collection of evidence by Chase was so persuasive that the court also ordered the defendant to pay our legal fees. I highly recommend Chase to anyone who has a need for investigative services.

Rochelle A. Reback

Rochelle A. Reback, Attorney & Associates at Law PLC
Tampa Florida

I grew to know and respect the investigators of Chase & Associates when they were career government agents making difficult cases simple for the prosecution. Now they are still specialists in the area of financial crimes and fraud, but they serve the defense bar. Their defense services for me have included wide and deep factual investigation, incisive forensic accounting assistance, sensitive witness interviewing, and organized litigation support. Their investigators have acted as my primary case agent, my forensic accountant, my financial fraud crimes specialist, and even as my paralegal with respect to the extraordinary amount of critical material we must receive and assimilate in defense of our clients. Without access to the experience, dedication and support we receive from Chase & Associates, there would be little hope of tackling the monumental scope and extent of the evidence, facts and legal issues in our complex and challenging white collar crime cases. Their services and support are critical to our many successes.

Craig Clawson, President

Magic Tilt Trailers, Inc.
Clearwater, Florida

Our company suffered an internal theft of a substantial amount of inventory. Although the police departments that responded to our problem were helpful, the needs they faced in their everyday work prevented them from following certain leads that I thought were important. We therefore turned to the private sector to identify an extremely competent private investigative agency to address our needs. Chase & Associates was highly recommended by a law firm, so we retained Chase to conduct some critical surveillance under adverse conditions. Within roughly four hours, investigators of Chase & Associates followed several prime suspects to a remote area where they had stored and were in the process of attempting to dispose of our inventory. Chase video taped the suspects, coordinated with the authorities, and their work product led to an immediate arrest of four individuals, including a former employee. We recovered our inventory and were able to recoup most of our loss. I echo the accolades bestowed on Chase & Associates by the local law enforcement agencies involved in this matter. Their work is highly professional and was extremely cost effective for our company.