Chase and Associates - Forensic Investigative Services


Chase & Associates, Inc. has attained extraordinary results for clients throughout the United States and several foreign countries by assembling professional teams that develop and implement superior strategies.

Expert Witness Services

Chase & Associates offers expert witness services in the fields of:

Angelo Troncoso, President of Chase and a former Supervisor with the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS, has testified on numerous occasions as an expert in white-collar fraud related matters. As an expert, he has opined on issues related to forensic accounting, the analysis of financial statements, the analysis of tax returns, and financial investigative techniques. In the matters for which he has provided expert witness testimony, attorneys that have used Mr. Troncoso's expert witness services have been awarded several hundred million dollars in judgments.

The Managing Associate of Chase & Associates, David Siegwald, has been qualified in state court on a number of occasions as an expert in the field of financial investigations. His expertise in this field led to his selection as an instructor at a national law enforcement training center.