Chase and Associates - Forensic Investigative Services


Chase & Associates, Inc. has attained extraordinary results for clients throughout the United States and several foreign countries by assembling professional teams that develop and implement superior strategies.

Fraud Investigations / Forensic Accounting

Today, more than ever, businesses and investors are extremely vulnerable to losses as a result of the perpetration of complex fraud schemes. These schemes can be masterminded by those you trust and/or by individuals completely unknown to you. Schemes that routinely affect organizations include the internal misappropriation of assets, corruption of employees through bribery, bid rigging, kickbacks, the use of false financial statements and embezzlement. Fraud ruins your financial and public image.

All of the officers of Chase & Associates are former Federal agents with 20 years or more of law enforcement experience that involved their investigation of highly complex national and international financial crimes. Since joining the private sector, members of the Chase team have become Certified Fraud Examiners, corporate loss prevention specialists and internal control professionals. Our talents are enhanced through hundreds of current law enforcement and industry contacts to whom we can turn, with our client's permission, to quickly obtain critical information or assistance. Consequently, Chase has the expertise to analyze records, conduct in-depth financial investigations, locate and interpret evidence of fraud, assemble and organize evidence, and professionally present evidence through reports and testimony in a court admissible form consistent with the rules of evidence.

Some special areas previously addressed by the Fraud Investigation & Forensic Accounting program at our agency are: