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Chase & Associates, Inc. has attained extraordinary results for clients throughout the United States and several foreign countries by assembling professional teams that develop and implement superior strategies.

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

Institutions, businesses, and individuals are increasingly required by governments to prepare reports, maintain records, and devise programs to effectively detect money laundering. At the same time, unscrupulous accountholders have become more sophisticated and more adept at abusing institutions in a fashion that may compromise an unwitting bank or corporation. These factors have dramatically increased the civil and criminal liabilities faced by institutions perceived to fall short of their responsibilities pursuant to the Bank Secrecy Act and related statutes.

The Senior Vice President of Chase & Associates, David Siegwald, has a national reputation in the anti-money laundering field. In 2001, the IRS National Criminal Investigation Training Academy employed Mr. Siegwald to train newly hired Special Agents in various fields, including aspects of investigating complex money laundering offenses. During the same year, the Financial Fraud Institute retained Robert Mazur to train experienced U.S. Customs, IRS, FBI and DEA agents who are assigned to critical money laundering taskforces established throughout the U.S.

Chase & Associates provides anti-money laundering consulting services to public companies that maintain a global presence. Through the combined benefits of expert training and first hand experience, our firm designs personalized training programs that capture the attention of employees and enlighten them to the real life issues that are important to members of the financial and business community.