Chase and Associates - Forensic Investigative Services


Chase & Associates employs former federal law enforcement officers throughout the United States, as well as former law enforcement officers located in several foreign jurisdictions. The company's associates in North America, Europe, South America, Central America, and several Caribbean islands have routinely resolved issues for clients in a discreet and expeditious manner.

Donald Schmidt joined Chase & Associates after having served in federal law enforcement positions for over 28 years. Mr. Schmidt's career as a Special Agent included assignments with the Department of Interior, the Department of Treasury and most recently, the Department of Homeland Security.

From 1996 through January 2004, Mr. Schmidt held supervisory positions over seaport investigations, narcotics investigations and fraud investigations groups.

As the Seaport Group Supervisor for Homeland Security in Tampa, he coordinated with government officials and private industry to develop technical security plans within the seaport. In his other supervisory positions, Mr. Schmidt supervised and managed undercover operations and numerous investigations involving violations of intellectual property rights. These investigations have included copyright infringements of computer software, trademarks, and the pirating of satellite television signals.

Prior to serving as a Group Supervisor with both Homeland Security and the U.S. Customs Service, Mr. Schmidt was a Special Agent with U.S. Customs. He conducted investigations concerning the smuggling of narcotics, money laundering, fraud and intellectual property rights. His investigations have led to the indictment and conviction of criminal enterprises involved in smuggling conspiracies, Continuing Criminal Enterprises, RICO, money laundering and Customs frauds.

From 1975 through 1986, Mr. Schmidt was a law enforcement officer with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS). After pioneering a new wildlife inspection program for the FWS at Kennedy Airport in New York, he was selected as a Special Agent. He worked at various posts for the FWS, including assignments in Chicago, Wisconsin, Georgia, Washington, DC and Florida. He has conducted and supervised investigations resulting in successful prosecutions of organizations involved in the illegal commercialization of wildlife as well as illegal destruction of endangered wildlife habitats.

Mr. Schmidt is a professional vessel captain holding a current license issued by the United States Coast Guard. He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Management in 1975 from the University of Maine.