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Chase & Associates employs former federal law enforcement officers throughout the United States, as well as former law enforcement officers located in several foreign jurisdictions. The company's associates in North America, Europe, South America, Central America, and several Caribbean islands have routinely resolved issues for clients in a discreet and expeditious manner.

Professional Experience

Chase & Associates, Inc.

Senior Vice President, Tampa, FL 2002 - Present

Mr. Siegwald provides litigation support, forensic accounting, fraud detection & deterrence, due diligence review, and expert witness services. Areas of expertise include all issues relative to investigations concerning financial issues, fraud, money laundering, Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and international drug trafficking. Clients include law firms, public & private corporations, financial institutions, government agencies, educational institutions, and professional business associations.

IRS National Criminal Investigation Training Academy

Law Enforcement Instructor, Glynco, GA 2001 - 2002

In June 2001, because of Mr. Siegwald's reputation and experience, he was selected to instruct and provide training to IRS Special Agents at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. During the next year he facilitated courses relating to financial investigative techniques, criminal income tax statutes, money laundering, currency crimes, records and document analysis and fraud detection. Mr. Siegwald returned to Sarasota in July 2002.

Siegwald Fraud and Financial Investigations Agency

Owner, Sarasota, FL, 1994 - June 2001

Mr. Siegwald has provided fraud detection services to corporate clients and individuals, as well as litigation support to attorneys in both the civil and criminal arenas. His expertise is in the area of investigating crimes relating to illicit financial activity by individuals as well as organizations. As an example, in some instances, suspected illegal financial activity came to the attention of his clients and they were unsure as to how best to proceed because of the sensitive nature of their situations. Often times it was necessary to go beyond the normal books and records to find the answers. As a result of his knowledge and years of experience, Mr. Siegwald has been able to discreetly investigate the suspicions, determine whether a crime had been committed, and help determine how to best proceed from the clients' points of view. In two instances, as a result of his investigations, the evidence was made available to Federal law enforcement agencies and the perpetrators were successfully prosecuted in Federal court based on that evidence. In one of those cases, involving a large embezzlement, the client's insurance company reimbursed the client in excess of $1 million based on the evidence Mr. Siegwald had obtained.

There have also been those cases when the shoe was on the other foot and the clients felt they had exposure for something that had been improperly done. In those situations, because of his knowledge of the law enforcement and judicial systems, Mr. Siegwald was able to analyze the circumstances, assess the amount and degree of exposure, and advise the clients as to how they should proceed. Several times, based on the evidence he collected and presented to prosecutors, the cases were either dropped or the charges were reduced substantially.

Mr. Siegwald has testified on two occasions in the Florida State Court system as an expert in financial investigations.

Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation Division

Special Agent, Sarasota and Tampa, FL, 1974 - 1994

As an IRS Special Agent Mr. Siegwald investigated allegations of violations of various Federal statutes including those relating to income tax, money laundering, currency crimes, false Grand Jury testimony, continuing criminal enterprises, importation and distribution of illegal narcotics, and mail fraud. Generally the investigations were long term and complex in nature. They involved the use of numerous investigative techniques in order to uncover the myriad of financial and testamentary evidence necessary for successful prosecutions. The crimes were investigated from a financial standpoint and necessarily required a complete understanding of how the various entities functioned. The successful prosecutions required in-depth documentation of the evidence as well as clear and concise presentation of that evidence. The investigations spanned the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and the United Kingdom.

Education and Training

Military Experience

United States Marine Corps

Commissioned Officer U.S. and Vietnam 1966-1969

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