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Chase & Associates employs former federal law enforcement officers throughout the United States, as well as former law enforcement officers located in several foreign jurisdictions. The company's associates in North America, Europe, South America, Central America, and several Caribbean islands have routinely resolved issues for clients in a discreet and expeditious manner.

Valerie Diaz // Vice President

After attaining a Bachelor’s Degree at the State University of New York at Oswego, Valerie Diaz served as a United States Probation Officer for more than twenty years. She assisted Federal District Court Judges and others involved in the sentencing process as a Sentencing Guidelines Specialist in both the Northern District of Georgia and Middle District of Florida. Throughout her career, she conducted Presentence Investigations on individuals and corporations, including cases that often involved multi-defendants, historical drug investigations, high profile offenders and sophisticated white collar criminals. Many cases addressed by Ms. Diaz involved contentious guideline and sentencing issues. During her employment as a U.S. Probation Officer, Ms. Diaz provided training to new probation officers, federal agents, members of the United States Attorney’s Office, and members of the Federal Bar Association relative to the sentencing process and the application of sentencing guidelines. On three separate occasions, Ms. Diaz was recognized as Presentence Officer of the Year.

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